How to add a CNAME record to your domain

To set up your own domain name with your Atlas publication, you'll need to make a small change to your domain.

If need help connecting your custom domain to your Atlas publication, feel free to get in touch with us.

Getting started

To get started, you'll need to log in to your domain provider - which is usually the place you bought your domain from.
The way you set up your CNAME record will depend on your provider, but all will ask for two things:
  • - Name (or host)
  • - Value (or target)


This is the name of the subdomain you'd like to point to your publication. For instance, if your domain is '', and you wanted to your publication to be at '', you would set the name to be 'blog'.


This is the value that the name should point to, that we will give to you on your publication settings page. It will look something like

Who is my domain provider?

Your domain provider manages domain's DNS records - it's usually the place you bought your domain from. Popular domain providers are GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Google Domains, Namecheap and Hover.
If you don't already have a domain name, but would like one for your Atlas publication, you can register one with a provider. We reccomend Hover.

A note for Cloudflare users

If your domain name is managed through Cloudflare, ensure that your CNAME record is using the grey cloud (rather than orange cloud). There is no need to proxy your record through Cloudflare, as Atlas already routes requests through Cloudflare's edge network.